Center for Veterinary Drug Development (CVDD) is the contract research organization that supports developments of new veterinary drugs through conducting various analyses, consulting and surveying developments of drugs, quasi-drugs and medical devices for animals.

Support Contents

1.Target products

Veterinary drugs, quasi-drugs and medical devices

2.Target animals

Cattle, horse, swine, chicken, dog, and cat

3.Scope of Activities

  1. Contract Research Services
    Contract basic and applied examinations, clinical study (under GCP regulations), and post-marketing surveillance study for the development of veterinary drugs
  2. Consultation services
    Give consultations on developments of veterinary drugs and create approval application including attached documents
  3. Survey and examination services
    Contract veterinary antimicrobial resistance survey, antibody test, and microbiological and biochemical examinations
  4. Education for veterinary drugs
  5. Research for veterinary drugs
  6. Others


QHow can I request or consult about various examinations for veterinary drugs?
APlease call or email us. Our contact address is shown in the home page of 【contact us】.
QI would like to know the fee for contract of various examinations or consultations.
AEstimation of the fee, in accordance with provisions of the CVDD, will be created after the details of examinations or consultations are confirmed.
QWho will give the consultations?
AStaffs of the CVDD who have long experiences in pharmaceutical affairs.
QIs it possible to request for preparations of applications and attached documents?
AWe will support the whole process until obtaining the approval documents, including contract post-making surveillance study or safety control upon your requests.
QIs it necessary to visit the CVDD if I wish to consult?
AConsultation is basically performed in CVDD. But it is possible to answer the consultation by documents or arrange business trip to give consultation onsite if the request is reasonable and appropriate.
QWhat kind of support can I request for the development of new veterinary drugs?
AThe following chart shows various types of supports corresponding to development stages of veterinary drugs.